The Bachelor Fashion – Exclusive interview with Rozlyn Papa

Interview with Rozlyn Papa – the most controversial bachelorette. Ever.

The Bachelor made her a whore, but really she’s just a whore for fashion. Between auditioning for an on-camera spot at E! and shopping her sex tape (allegedly) Rozlyn Papa, the most. controversial bachelorette ever (insert eyeroll here) spoke exclusively to The Possessionista about personal style and dressing for fame.

She was surprisingly candid, funny and smart. Sorry Chris Harrison, her fifteen minutes aren’t up. Yet.

Possessionista: When you found out you were one of the 25 bachelorettes, did you go shopping, and where? What did you already have in your closet and what was new?

Rozlyn: I have an embarrassingly packed closet, so some of the clothes I brought on the show were things I already had. That said, there’s nothing like the prospect of going on national tv to get you in the clothes shopping spirit! The dresses were purchased specifically for the rose ceremony and there were more than a few outfits that never got their 15 minutes of reality fame.

Possessionista: You have great clothes. Where do you like to shop? What are some of your favorite designers?

Rozlyn: Thank you! I have some local favorites like Coplon’s, Pink, and Nordstrom. I love Theory, D&G, BCBG Max Azria, Sophie Theallet, I also love shopping online! Aside from special moments with my son and downing a Slurpee on a hot day, nothing feels as good as coming home to a box full of new clothes or shoes at your front door! Couture Candy, Zappos, and Saks are a few of my favorites. As far as shoes, I love Jimmy Choo and Christian Louboutin. Those never fail to make me feel like a million bucks. Even in the midst of a sex scandal!

Possessionista: Speaking of that, give readers a few tips for how to dress when the paparazzi and tabloids are pursuing you. What should or shouldn’t you wear?

Rozlyn: I always thought celebs looked sort of silly wearing their sunglasses at night but, after a few awkward trips and seeing my camera flash induced startled expressions in the tabloids, I’d say sunglasses are a must! Stay away from anything transparent and make sure things fit well. Muffin top is NOT cute staring at you from the pages of In Touch!

Possessionista: So, have you watched the show this whole season? What would you do to spruce up the outfits on the show. Who is the best dressed? Who need an intervention?

Rozlyn: There were a few moments that first night when I half expected Mario Lopez to come out and crown one of the girls “Miss Universe” or whatever the hell that pageant is. I was even slightly horrified with my own appearance that night! It was like Hair Extension Discount Barn threw up on my head. I don’t want to call anyone out but I think most of us can agree that there were some outfits that left us scratching our heads… or gagging a little.

Possessionista: You know who has no problem calling you out? Chris Harrison. What do you think of his fashion sense?

Rozlyn: He strikes me as a black socks and sandals guy. His stylists get paid good money to make him look like he’s got fashion sense. He should just keep listening to them.

Possessionista: I thought it was very clever that you wore that Nanette Lepore dress with the exposed zipper on the back the night you went home. It looked really cool as we watched you leave. What goes through your mind when you are getting dressed to be eliminated from The Bachelor?

Rozlyn: You know, my dad actually picked out that dress! I was so proud of him. Looking back, he probably just didn’t want me to look like a complete fool when they kicked me out of the house. (Laughs.) I actually had no idea I was about to be given the boot so the fact that I wore a dress with a great rear view was sheer luck.

Possessionista: Let’s say you had stayed longer on the show. Is there anyone you’d have liked to swap clothes with?

Rozlyn: Corrie had great fashion sense! If I had stayed in the house another night, I had planned on robbing her of her shoes.

Possessionista: I got a bazillion requests to track down the dress you chose for the InStyle shoot. Did you choose it immediately? What else were you considering?

Rozlyn: InStyle has long been one of my favorite magazines so let me just say what an honor it was meeting those brilliant people and having an opportunity to go through their clothes racks! I was immediately drawn to that dress because I love sparkle. I was also really into the idea of wearing a dress that covered me up a little on top. I wouldn’t want my ta-tas to take away from that gorgeous dress OR the black bar strategically placed by ABC across my crotch

Possessionista: That dress was seriously glamorous and fun, but in real life you have a seven-year-old-son, right? What do you wear when you are just being a mom, and not the most controversial contestant in the history of The Bachelor?

Rozlyn: My son, Ayden, is a wild man so I need clothes that will allow me to get on the ground and wrestle with him. I have days where I wear my favorite, beat up comfy sweats and a James Perse t-shirt but I try to look put together, even when I’m casual. I am a huge fan of J Brand, Hudson and Kasil jeans. I like anything with a little give that allows me to indulge in my daily ice cream habit with my son.

Possessionista: My husband was really sorry to see you go. Can he have your phone number?

Rozlyn: That depends… Is he a producer and/or cameraman?
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Elana said…
Yeah for Rozlyn! So, she hooked up with someone and didn’t want to tell all the details to everyone watching- neither would I! And then she made me crack up with that comment to Chris about hitting on that guy’s wife- hilarious!!!

February 26, 2010 9:29 AM
Sarah A. said…
thanks for the interview, Dana.
will you be doing one with Ali too?

February 26, 2010 3:13 PM
Anonymous said…
I don’t really like Rozlyn as a person and how she treated Chris, but she does have great fashion sense! Plus, she seemed pretty nice in the interview.

Yay Dana! Please do one with Ali and Gia too! 🙂

February 26, 2010 5:58 PM
Amanda said…
Dear Rozlyn,
Can I have your autograph?
Biggest. Fan. Ever.

February 27, 2010 12:22 AM
Elena said…
To Elana,

I totally agree with you but then she should have at least had the decency to leave once she realized she had feelings for someone else. I get that people find love in all different places but she denied it and was going to STAY on the show – which is wrong on so many levels to Jake and the rest of the girls. Also, think about it – they can’t accuse her of all this on the air – which would be defamation of character if it weren’t true – so that PROVES it’s true or else she would have got a lawyer because this has basically tarnished her reputation and as a mother, if it were false, I think she would be sure to put an end to the assault on her character with a lawyer or a lie detector test. Because I know there is no way I would EVER let all these things be said about me if they weren’t true.

February 27, 2010 9:18 AM
kawez said…
I’m on Team Rozlyn. Chris Harrison was acting like a smug DB the whole interview. As the audience, we have no idea what goes on behind the scenes to totally make someone appear to be a villain so who knows what really went on, if anything. That said, FACT: Vienna is a complete and total villain. No question about it! great interview Dana!

March 1, 2010 2:44 PM